Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Mill On Morrison (Update 1)

Well after a long break from updating this lil' blog I'm back from exams and back from AJ's birthday dinner. Now, we just had to go back to the Mill according to AJ - since it was her day I was more than obliging.

There isn't much more I can really add from the last visit. The food is just tasty, unpretentious and always enjoyable. We had a feast tonight; bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella/capsicum/tomato/onion, beetroot and goats cheese croquettes, chargrilled corn with cumin butter, char grilled chorizo, roasted pork belly with apple 'slaw', pedro braised beef cheek, lamb back strap, whole quail on a bed of caponata, squid ink gnocchi with fried squid tentacles, barbecue pork ribs, spicy lamb meat balls (old favourite) and to finish it all up a chic peppermint sundae.

It was a giant meal - but everything was damn flavoursome. In a big order like ours there are some favourites: the beef cheek fell apart with the slightest touch. The pork belly had a glass-like crackling with rich and moist meat. The squid ink gnocchi was served with a lemon and chilli dressing that added to the profile of the squid tentacles. 

To finish up a large sundae with chocolate  and peppermint ice cream with crushed peppermint crisp, choc. pop rocks and a giant dark chocolate fan.

All in all - a great way to celebrate AJ's birthday. Here are some photos of the tapas on offer:

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  1. When we come to Tassie, I expect you to take us to this restaurant! :)