Saturday, 29 September 2012

Basket & Green

Taking a break from study is difficult this close to exam time. However, I am easily persuaded that quality learning is fuelled by quality food! That being said, AJ and I jumped in the car and drove around Salamanca, Battery Point, North Hobart and finally ended up in Elizabeth Street, Hobart CBD deciding that 'Basket & Green' was going to be our provider of sustenance this morning. 

The cafe is a small outfit boasting a menu of about 10 items all featuring quality produce. We opted for the French Toast and the Rosti with Poached Egg. The French toast was served with a quenelle of mascarpone, berries and drizzled with organic honey and caramelised walnuts. It was a great example of the ingredients, a little 'eggy' for AJ but a good dish nonetheless. I had the Rosti stack, which was a generous serving of herbed potato pan fried with spinach, bacon and a poached egg on top. Around the plate a large Huon mushroom, tomato and some pesto. The Rosti was not as crispy as I would have liked and the overall serving size was a little small for the price paid. 

A good breakfast/lunch cafe with some other menu items I'd be keen to try the next time we visit!

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