Saturday, 16 February 2013


Pierre Herme is known for bringing the macaron to the wider world. His chain of Laduree outlets sell special teas, preserves and of course the colourful bite-sized mouthfuls of joy we all now know.

The presentation of macarons from the Westfield outlet in Sydney CBD is fantastic. We asked for just 6 (they were $3.20 each) and had the choice of different boxes which were beautifully decorated. A great gift idea for foodie friends or even for those who may want to try something french (apparently the outlet has its macarons flown in from France - but I later discovered they are made elsewhere in Europe). 

The flavour - well, this is where i am quite critical. The flavours were good, but not great. Not $3.20 great. The sheer quantity of macaron-makers out there makes it easy to become a connoisseur and while my palate may not be 'right', these certaintly didn't live up to their 'world-changing' reputation. 

Sure, I could be wrong, and I probably am - the lady in front of me bought $300 worth!

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