Friday, 19 October 2012

Red Red

If you've read through any Tasmanian newspaper in the past year, it is clear that small businesses are doing it tough. In spite of this, comes along yet another steak house. What could possibly be different about this place? The answer: the best baby back ribs this blogger's consumed and a huge range of delicious unpretentious menu offerings that would make any carnivore happy. 

Red Red opened its doors only recently (probably a fortnight ago) and is a small diner-style restaurant with plush red booth style seating inside and some al fresco cafe dining outside. They offer a breakfast, lunch and dinner service but tonight we were on a mission for some ribs. The menu offers a diverse range of steaks prepared in different styles. A quality wine list and some space age looking sparkling water that I wanted to take home with me.

On to the food; AJ, Mr T and I ordered the 1kg Baby Backs which came served with a red slaw, crunchy fries and a sweet dipping sauce. Their price tag is a little confronting (@ $52/main) but there is also the 500g version available which is more than enough. The ribs with just the slightest effort pulled out of the succulent and flavour-packed pork. They were tender yet had just the right amount of searing to give a contrast of texture. 

Sure enough, AJ twisted Mr T and I's arms into ordering some desserts also; the 'Mmm Pie', the Chocolate Mousse and a slice of Baked Cheesecake. The pie was a round pastry case filled with delicious stewed apple. This was served with some dehydrated strawberries, a scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream and some custard. The mousse; Two generous quenelles of rich, yet light chocolate mousse paired with crushed honeycomb and ice cream. The  cheesecake was a great example of one of my tried and true favourite restaurant desserts with the addition of some more of that beautiful ice cream.

At the end of our meal owner/operator Craig came and chatted to us; the friendly staff really make this new addition a delight to dine at. With a broad variety of menu options, a decent wine list and some of the nicest restaurant booths this blogger's ever had the benefit of being seated — you'll be eating and drinking into the wee hours in comfort. 

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