Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fresh on Charles

I'm an omnivore and proud. But this doesn't mean I can't appreciate vegetarian cuisine - especially at breakfast. So on a trip to Launceston; AJ, Mr T, aXs and I all started our day at Fresh on Charles.

The hive was buzzing, obviously a testament to its popularity among the Launceston CBD locals. 

It is dark but somewhat offset by a skylit kitchen. The furniture is 70's retro style and the decor is eclectic. 

Onto the food; beautifully prepared - well seasoned and as their name suggests very fresh. 

AJ had a muesli-type contraption with grated apple, berries and yoghurt. 

I tried a poached egg, mushroom and vegetable fritter combination. 

The meals were very good but I spotted a vegetable scone on their counter which I had to sample - which was excellent - moist and flavour packed served with a rich butter and chutney.

We ordered some fresh juices and coffees which all were great. Service was attentive, the only complaint was our table was a bit small but in fairness we didn't book and they did their best to get our party a table in amongst the buzz.

Check them out when you're next in L'ton, but as Mr T said 'Just don't go expecting bacon'.

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Farm Vigano

Tucked away amongst the back-streets of South Morang is a beautiful manor restaurant; Farm Vigano. The grounds are immaculately kept and the wider surroundings instantly take you away from the suburbs. 

The menu is a mix of traditional italian share plates or pizzas. 

I decided to sample two of the pizza offerings with my 'diner in crime' Mr P. We opted for the Pizza con proscuitto and the Pizza con gamberi.

The base; both pizza had a light and crisp woodfired base that had just the right amount of chew to retain the rich tomato sauce.

The toppings; the freshness of ingredients is emphasised - beautiful clean and bold flavours. Simple and delicious.

The only criticism of the dining experience at Farm Vigano was the service which was a little slow. Seated immediately, but no drink orders for at least 20 minutes and then after the meals were delivered no return table service.

So go for the food, go for the views - but when you're paying decent prices for a pizza just hope you get waited on. 

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crumb Street Kitchen

 This restaurant is more than just fake grass, make-shift tables and the feeling of walking into someone's backyard. 

It is simple, delicious, tender, smokey and flavour packed meats expertly prepared by a team who have a passion for the American style of slow cooked and smoked barbecue.

The proposition is simple - you ask for your meat; brisket or pulled pork and you put it in a
sandwich. It is simple supermarket style bread, no-fuss dinnerware (paper plates and plastic
cutlery) but it is flavour, flavour, flavour.

Add some great sauces and a can of your favourite chilled beverage and you have yourself a great injection of barbecue to make any day fantastic.

Just be sure to be there quick - my last few visits to the Crumb Street Kitchen facebook indicate that the average sell-out time is about 2 hours!

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