Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Point Revolving Restaurant

Literally perched high above every other restaurant in Hobart is the Point Revolving restaurant. It is a great way to dine on a mix of modern australian/french cuisine and take in some of the Hobart landscape from the top floor of Wrest Point Casino. 

Each year AJ's grandparents come and visit us in Hobart and we visit the Point without fail. The service is always excellent with knowledgable and professional waitstaff, sommeliers, etc. 

Just like the restaurant, the menu too revolves - but only with the seasons. 

Tonight I tried three dishes from the 'Table d Hote' menu. Which for just over $80 is a great way to sample some fine dishes. 

Our meal began with an amuse bouche of Cauliflower Pannacotta. A great appetiser with seasoned crumbs to add texture. 

Next, an entree of butter poached chicken with pate, brioche and a sweet gel. The chicken was beautifully tender and moist. 

The pate was rich and with an intricate depth of flavour that was offset by the sweetness and slight acidity of the gel. 

For main - a slow cooked pork shoulder that was cleverly rolled and served with a smoked potato and bacon croquette. The combination of pork shoulder with the creamy croquette was a pleasure to enjoy. The juices combined to make each mouthful simply amazing. Some shaved fennel accompanied these two 'star' elements and helped balance the flavour landscape.

Next came my dessert; the Chocolate Marquise. 

I must say, comparing my dessert with the other dishes on the table (AJ's Meringue Sphere and Grandpa B's Crepe Suzette) I felt a little disappointed. While the dish was enjoyable, it lacked the finesse and flavour of the other desserts. 

That being said, a generous serving of rich chocolate and a quenelle of peppermint ice cream was a great way to finish my meal.

But wait! There's more. Just as we finished, the waiter comes around with what can only be described as a theatrical end to the night - some housemade chocolates that are served dish with white smoke (created with the aid of some dry ice) pouring out onto the table. 

Definitely a restaurant for special occasions, the Point is a favourite among Hobartians for a dining experience that is consistently classy and has a character like no other. 

 P.S. Here are some of the other dishes from the night; AJ's Meringue Sphere, Grandpa B's Crepe Suzette and AJ's Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

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