Saturday, 26 January 2013

Smokey Joe's Creole Cafe

AJ and I were headed up to Launceston and decided that we would check out a unique Tasmanian restaurant; Smokey Joe's Creole Cafe Restaurant.

Located on the outer limits of the CBD the restaurant is a converted house and has plenty of character. Confederate flags, feathered masks and a range of musical and historical images are scattered throughout this homestyle establishment.

On to the entrees; we ordered the onion rings, chilli fries, popcorn chicken & buffalo wings. The rings were beautifully crispy and a brilliant colour. The chilli fries had well seasoned chilli and cheese topping but were slightly underdone. The buffalo wings had a good colour to them but were far from the saucy wings depicted on US food shows. Dining with us were Mr T and aXs who had just returned from a month long trek around the USA. They enjoyed the entrees but explained that it was just not the same as the food over there.

Then came the mains; AJ ordered the pulled pork sandwich, I decided on the Barbecue which was a mixture of chicken and ribs. The pulled pork was flavoursome and moist. Plenty of meat and a good serving size. The barbecue plate was also a generous serve of ribs and chicken. The ribs were tender and had a delicious spice rub. The chicken was well cooked but slightly bland - it really needed a stronger flavoured basting to seal the deal. 

Mr T's plate of Ribs

Service wise, this isn't silver service dining - it is honest, family friendly food that is unpretentious and unique. If you come expecting beautiful cuts of meat or delicately prepared chef-style dishes you'll be disappointed.

Whatever you order, the dishes will be tasty and great value - it probably isn't a restaurant for the 'foodie' but it definitely is somewhere to have a good time with your friends or family.

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