Sunday, 30 June 2013

Roaring Grill

Dear Reader. 

I must confess - I've been terribly slack in updating TMP over the past weeks. But there definitely hasn't been a shortage of eating out.

So recently AJ and I ventured to a new Steakhouse in North Hobart; the Roaring Grill. 

Steak in a non-pub setting is something North Hobart probably lacks. However as you walk through the doors modern decor, quality glass/tableware and well presented menus signal a refined steak experience. 

We begin our meal with some grilled bread and wait for our mains meals. I decided on a 14 hour slow cooked beef short rib and AJ selected a small eye fillet. The menu has a range of sides but the Mac n Cheese, Chips and Onion Rings were our choices.

After a reasonable wait we are presented with two generous plates served with a tasty side salad in a Waldorf style. 

The eye fillet is cooked under what was requested (which I prefer) however AJ was tempted to ask that it return to the grill for a extra few minutes. My short rib was succulent. The fat was rendered perfectly, the meat flaked off the bone and was immersed in a rich seasoned sauce.

The sides were perfect; crunchy fries and onion rings and some creamy and buttery mac n cheese that rounded off the meal.

Service wise, it was clear that some staff are yet in training. However the venue staff are mostly interested in their craft and show genuine enthusiasm about the menu offerings.

The drinks list is extensive, the desserts also impressive. We didn't launch into this area of the menu but will be back to give the Roaring Grill some further testing.


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