Monday, 31 December 2012

Maney's Dumpling Kitchen

Located in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne is not usually where you find great Asian restaurants. While they are certainly around, they just usually aren't that great. Changing this and bringing some quality to the 'burbs, Maney's Dumpling Kitchen in Bundoora (just off Plenty Road) offers tasty and great value dumplings and main-style dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

The service at Maney's is quick. But those seeking fine dining will have to head elsewhere; your soft drink will come served to you in a can unless you ask for a glass - this isn't silver service but your bill at the end of your meal will reflect that.

If you can look beyond these little things, a range of tasty morsels are available; spiced fried calamari, shanghai pork dumplings, a range of fried rice/noodle dishes, pan fried dumplings, beef/chicken/prawn dishes.

I visited Maney's twice; and both times the food was pretty damn good. The fried rice on the second visit was a tad oily, the pan fried dumplings had a slightly soupy filling for me but this may be the style. 

Overall, you can really get a great selection of dishes in a big group and be looking at $20-30 head. The alcoholic beverages are quite reasonable and soft drinks dirt cheap.

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