Friday, 18 January 2013

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

While AJ and I were recently in Sydney we checked out one of the 'must visit' foodie destinations for sweet tooths: Adriano Zumbo @ Star City & his newest patisserie in Waverley.

The Star is a bright and exciting take on the Japanese sushi-train. Diner-style stools, colourful plates and plenty of delicious sweet treats make this outlet a perfect option for a dessert degustation.

There are of course Zumbo's famous Macarons (or Zumbarons), cakes and other pastries. But the real uniqueness of this location are the tiny treats which are samples of their full-size counterparts. We sampled a range of chocolate, citrus and even vegetable inspired plates; all something delicious and unusual. 

Later during our visit we ventured out to the Sydney suburb of Waverley. 

Tucked away in a quiet street is a rather inconspicuous version of the same amazing creations. Here we sampled some cakes - the famous V8 cake and a new Chocolate and Banana layer cake named 'Eric is a Bananaman'. The V8 lived up to its reputation and was an outstanding example of the Zumbo kitchen baking genius. The new choc-banana blend was even better - gorgeously indulgent and bursting with flavour. 

For those who aren't native to Sydney - Zumbo's outlets are a must visit. However, if you've ever watched 'Masterchef' or strolled into a bookstore that stocks his cookbooks lately you probably already know that.

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