Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Guyllian Chocolate Cafe

Now I must warn any reader expecting to read about this restaurants sweet selections - we didn't try these. This post concerns only the lunch options we shared of a more cafe/savoury nature.

As you will have read from the other most recent post today we're in Sydney and since we are staying in Circular Quay we thought we'd try a local eatery from those in the 'Eastbank' strip.

Guyllian Belgian Chocolate Cafe was where we ended up and we sampled some of their hot chocolates and some savoury bites from the menu.

The savoury dishes were a Quiche Lorraine and a Smoked chicken baguette. Both were fresh, tasty and hit the spot. It is good to know that amongst a menu that is a diabetics nightmare you can still get some quality 'ordinary' food.

We couldn't resist adding some chocolate to the table so out came a rich Belgian hot chocolate and an affogato.

The sweet treats look amazing all of course utilising the Guyllian brand of Belgian chocolate.

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