Monday, 17 December 2012


Almost instinctively whenever I hear the word 'Calzone' I cannot help but think of George Costanza from 90's sitcom Seinfeld. In one episode, George brings one to a meeting at which his boss is amazed by the aroma of his lunch and decides that a Calzone is his new daily lunch - and it will be George's job to get them for him.

Pizzarazzi are a recently opened pizza outlet in Hobart on Morrison Street. And one of their specialities apart from a variety of amazing pizzas is the Calzone. 

But the twist here is that they make them as desserts!

The savoury list of pizzas includes weird and wonderful creations such as the 'Souvlaki', the 'Nacho', the 'Pesto Chicken'. Of course, they have all the usual favourites but it's the differences in menu that makes this eatery worth trying.

AJ and I ordered a Choc-Caramel Calzone and some large savoury pizzas from the standard menu when her grandparents were down. The 'Volcano' was beautiful - hot chili, spicy salami, rich tomato and on a traditional base that was crispy in all the right places. I had a 'Margarita' but tried something a bit different and had the kitchen throw on some prawns. 

Again, beautiful base, rich tomato - not too much cheese. They definitely have mastered pizza construction here and pay attention to what they use as ingredients. 

Finally, the time came to enjoy the Choc-Caramel calzone. A thin pocket of sweet dough, filled with warm flowing choc-caramel topped with icing sugar. 

If they weren't so bad for you I think I'd have one for lunch every day too!

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