Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pigeon Hole

Visiting this little cafe has been something that has eluded me for quite some time. 

Generally, on Sundays where AJ and I aren't working we'll make an effort to try breakfast somewhere - but this cafe isn't open on a Sunday! So, luckily we decided Saturday at Pigeon Hole with Samwise would be the thing to do to break the fast.

The aromas of freshly baked sourdough and roasted coffee beans fill the air as you enter the rather pokey shop front. It's a tight setup but there is sufficient space for a bigger party if you get there early enough. An eclectic selection of furniture and decorations makes the cafes a very pleasant environment.

We sampled three dishes from the breakfast selection - the yoghurt and muesli, the croque monsieur and the baked beans. Accompanied by a cup of some superbly made coffee - Pigeon Hole really does make a good place to start your day. All dishes feature fresh and seasonal ingredients provide some real joy to each mouthful.
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