Saturday, 30 March 2013

Farm Vigano

Tucked away amongst the back-streets of South Morang is a beautiful manor restaurant; Farm Vigano. The grounds are immaculately kept and the wider surroundings instantly take you away from the suburbs. 

The menu is a mix of traditional italian share plates or pizzas. 

I decided to sample two of the pizza offerings with my 'diner in crime' Mr P. We opted for the Pizza con proscuitto and the Pizza con gamberi.

The base; both pizza had a light and crisp woodfired base that had just the right amount of chew to retain the rich tomato sauce.

The toppings; the freshness of ingredients is emphasised - beautiful clean and bold flavours. Simple and delicious.

The only criticism of the dining experience at Farm Vigano was the service which was a little slow. Seated immediately, but no drink orders for at least 20 minutes and then after the meals were delivered no return table service.

So go for the food, go for the views - but when you're paying decent prices for a pizza just hope you get waited on. 

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  1. Have been wanting to try this for AGES... Yum... Definitely needa try some of that pizza!