Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ball & Chain Grill

 "Go to the Ball & Chain" is probably one of the most common restaurant recommendations by Hobartians. Only 4 or so years ago when I took up residence in this State people would say "Have you been yet?". Well, AJ and I have probably been close to ten times now. There is no argument that they cook excellent steaks - they are probably one of the only restaurants cooking on a charcoal only grill. 

The lighting is generally intimate and there are plenty of different seating options of booth and table seating. The rear lower floor is a glass enclosed room (which is bright during the day) which can tend to be a little noisy. Ordering from is quite simple; they have various cuts of beef; rump, porterhouse, scotch, eye fillet in three different sizes cooked to your liking, which you can then combine with your choice of sauce. You also have access to the wide array of salads and garnishes from the salad bar.  

However, if you aren't in the mood for steak there are also a variety of sausages, kebabs, chicken and fish if you want to try something different. AJ rather enjoys the Greek Kebab when not dining on a steak. 

On this evening we also ordered off the dessert menu which is a rotating selection of decadent treats. AJ had the peanut butter pie - drizzled with chocolate, a scoop of ice cream and some marshmallows. 

Despite being rather full from my giant rump steak (pictured above), I was instructed by AJ to try the Chocolate pudding. It was generally moist and quite rich but a little dry towards the centre. Luckily a lashing of double cream and some ice cream made up for any of those shortcomings.

There is a reason Hobartians tend to suggest the Ball & Chain - it is a genuinely family friendly restaurant whose Chefs know its grill like the back of their hand. The wine list is also quite reasonably price and has plenty of reds to pair with your steak.

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