Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Remi de Provence

Situated on Macquarie Street is a beautiful old building that is home to Remi De Provence, the home of French wines and cuisine. Tonight AJ and I were in the mood to celebrate the end of my exams.

As you enter the restaurant you can choose from the wide variety of French imports and some quality Australian varietals. Our meals are enjoyed in an intimate dining room with large mirrors and a colourful mural decorating the walls.
Our waiter comes to take our order and provides us a tasty appetizer of french cous cous, red onion, sweet corn and lamb.

Shortly after comes our french charcuterie. Rilletes, pate, terrine, gherkin, french salami - all amazing in texture and flavour. A perfect marriage of richness and seasoning.

Our mains are then presented; the Coq Au Vin - rooster with creamy pomme puree, a
dark jus, bacon, onions. The jus was rich and had an excellent depth of flavour, the meat of the rooster was moist and delicate.

The Cassoulet was the other main we shared. A mixture of white bean, sausage, pork belly topped with bread crumbs and a confit duck leg. Every element of this dish was outstanding; the duck leg had crispy, salted and seasoned skin with moist meat. The pork belly and sausage had taken on the flavour of the tomatos and herbs.

After those two amazing dishes we were looking forward to the dessert offerings. We chose the french standard Creme Brulee and the Profiteroles. 

The Creme Brulee was silky and rich with vanilla bean throughout. The perfect 'crack' and caramelisation made the dessert a delight
to devour. 

The profiteroles were light and filled with a praline ice cream and drizzled with chocolate. A few candied hazelnuts were dotted on the plate and added a great textural element to the dish.

At the end of that epic meal we were on the verge of exploding - a lot of food but too perfectly prepared to leave uneaten. The skills of Chef Remi and his team are something that just must be experienced.

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