Saturday, 13 October 2012


Whether it is for weekend breakfast or a catch up coffee, you'll be sure to find both locals and tourists populating the Salamanca cafe scene each weekend. 

Zum Cafe/Restaurant is one popular venue serving breakfast lunch and dinner, plenty of seating and a variety of meals. The cafe is located closer the Supreme Court side of Salamanca and is a narrow but long shape with a mixture of natural and artificial light (compliments of some pretty funky looking lampshades) 

AJ and I decided to head to Zum for breakfast. Reading some of the other reviews out on the 'inter-webs' I must admit I was curious to see what was on offer. The breakfast menu was packed with a range of eggs, french toast, muesli and pastries. They even have a 'breakfast burrito' and a 'breakfast trifle'. Being rather boring today we decided to try the 'Ricotta Hot cakes' and the 'Zum Big Breakfast'. 

The hot cakes were served with berry compote, halved strawberries and orange slices. The ricotta hot cakes were light and fluffy. The dollop of rich King Island creme took away the somewhat 'tart' taste of the berries (which were probably a few weeks from being truly in season). The maple syrup tied the whole dish up together and it was a well balanced dish that was creatively plated. 

The big breakfast was just as a 'big breakfast' should be. Plenty of food on the plate; crispy bacon and beautifully seasoned grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. The scrambled eggs were somewhat bland but nothing a bit of seasoning couldn't fix. They weren't the fluffy, creamy type of scrambled eggs I'd prefer but that didn't detract from the enjoyment of the dish. The lamb and rosemary sausage I must admit didn't appeal to me, but the rosti (which was an optional extra) was delicious and was a delicate pillow of soft potato, crunchy outside and seasoned with dill. 

Overall the meals were pretty good and I think we'll be back to tackle the more adventurous menu choices. A burrito perhaps?

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